With The Stones in town, I thought it would be cool to look at 5 songs to hype you for a Rolling Stones Concert In Jersey!

When you think of the Rolling Stones catalog it’s crazy to think of how much material they have to choose from.  I mean, it’s decades and decades of albums and singles.  Actually, it’s pretty overwhelming……in a good way lol!  I could only imagine how daunting it is to try and create a setlist when hitting the road for a tour.  I mean, so many people want to hear different tunes, how can you please everyone?

The short answer is you can’t…..and well, you can.  See, the benefit of having such a large catalog is although someone might not get to hear their ultimate Rolling Stones song, they’ll hear enough big hits they love to lessen the blow of not hearing that one song.  It’s like, the show was so amazing even though I didn’t get to hear, x, y, or z.

What makes the Stones so timeless is their ability to infuse their music with all different notes of various genres.  They have some heavy-leaning blues tunes.  They get twangy with country-inspired cuts.  And of course, they bring the dance-inspired funk.  It’s all there which is why they kind of have something for everyone.

Whether you’re going on Sunday or saw them last night, you know you’re in for a treat, because they know what they’re doing.  They’ve been at this for so long, filling up a giant stadium and playing for everyone is just what they do.  I don’t want to say it’s easy for them.  But they sure do make it look effortless.  Mick struts around, Keith works the guitar and the band just has fun.  And so do we as fans!

So let’s take a look at 5 songs to hype you for a Rolling Stones Concert in Jersey.


    To me, this is one of the most unique sounding Stones songs. It’s so different, but man is it catchy and moving with all the experimentation.


    One of the best lyrics….I know, it’s only rock n roll but I like it.  A guitar driven tune with Charlie holding down the beat.  A classic from the Stones.


    Sure it’s been on like a hundred soundtracks and you’ve heard it a million times.  But that’s because it works.  So hypnotic.  So rocking……and you damn sure want to hear it at a live show!


    The Stones had already proven themselves to be the kings of rock.  But somewhat later in their career they put out Steel Wheels and it had this one, which just makes you want to move!


    This translates so well.  I get the feel of leaving a city apartment to head to work.  The drums are groovin and the guitars are shakin’.  It’s an early Stones rocker that works so well and separated them from their peers.

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