Cities or States In The Title Of Five Great Rock Songs.  That’s what we’re going to take a look at today.  There are probably more songs than you would think.  It was a recent question of the day and I got so many responses where I was like “Oh yeah….I forgot about that one!”  LOL

At 4 pm weekdays, I post a question of the day to the DHA Facebook page.  I let that sit for a bit as the answers come in and then at 5 pm, I choose some of the answers to put together a block of music for the drive home.  Yesterday I asked listeners to name songs with Cities of States in the title.

As I mentioned, there were some surprises from songs I didn’t think of or ones that I forgot about.  Some listeners had lists put together and I was just happy that I didn’t have to answer my own question because I drew a blank!

Artists love having the focus of a city or State in the title because it draws more of a connection to the listener of the music.  Maybe the artist is from that place, played it live, or just likes it there, it gives another bond besides the actual music itself!  Listeners like to hear the place they live in get a shout-out because it makes them feel kind of cool.

Think how exciting it is to be at a Bruce show and have him mention Jersey or an area in one of his songs and then you think to yourself how cool it is that one of our own made it to the big time!  It’s an exciting feeling and one that is undeniable.  Even hearing about other states and cities is cool because you sort of feel connected to the lyrics.  That’s the powerful thing about lyrics and music in general.

Let’s take a look at some Cities or States In The title of five great rock songs.


    All bout a woman in Jersey sung by one of our own! It’s great to hear. And especially great to listen to the crowd go crazy! To the Jersey Side!!!!


    That riff is so iconic and down and dirty.  It just feels so good.  When the vocals come in, you know you’re in for a treat!  Short and sweet – such a classic!


    This is a legendary tune from a legendary musician.  Space Ace makes you feel like you’re from NY whether you are or not!  It’s one that you need to sing along with!


    It’s a wonderful cover from Dave.  It’s full of cheese yet swagger and sounds reinvigorated.  Always a lot of fun.  Plus, it gets you in a summer kind of mood!



    It’s one of their classics.  A real rocker from an amazing album!  Lots of fun to listen to and shows what the band can do.

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