CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - DECEMBER 12: Christmas tree ornaments are offered for sale at the Christkindlmarket outside of Wrigley Field on December 12, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. The holiday market is representative of a traditional German Christmas market.

Have you been getting your fill of holiday movies? Are you into Christmas classics? Comedies, rom-coms, Dramas, or Religious themed flicks? Whatever you’re into, there are a plethora of movies to choose from to get you in that Holly Jolly spirit. Today, let’s take a look at 5 incredible movies that take place at Christmas Time but aren’t necessarily Holiday films.

I Christmas movie setting sometimes sparks a debate! Is it a Christmas film or is that just the setting? Could the movie have happened any time of the year? Or, is there some importance to when the scenes of the film happen?

It’s hard to say exactly what is and isn’t a Christmas movie. I mean, heck, a few weeks back I reviewed “Violent Night” which takes place on Christmas Eve with Santa himself. Except he’s beating the crap out of thugs and criminals and saving a family from being held hostage. So, some might even say, is that really a Christmas movie?

What I kind of think is that if the film makes you feel good, then it could be considered a holiday film. As long as it has some other big factors. Taking place on or around Christmas. Someone dressed like Santa. Gift-giving or Christmas music, etc. I think as long as one of those happens and you get a warm feeling from it, you can call it a Christmas movie.

Now keep in mind, there are all sorts of “warm” feelings. The end of the movie doesn’t have to have all of the characters holding hands or hugging on Christmas Morning as Santa watches from afar. It could just be a satisfying ending with some good dialog that makes things right in the world of the film itself.

Why don’t we take a look now at 5 incredible movies that take place at Christmas Time but aren’t necessarily Holiday films.


    It’s an iconic buddy-cop action movie with some great scenes that happen during the holiday season. Even the opening credits have Bobby Helms’s “Jingle Bell Rock” playing over them!


    Sure, you don’t automatically think Christmas when you hear this title, but in the odd, but satisfying Tim Burton-directed sequel,  there are some holly jolly moments which give it Christmas-adjacent feels.


    Eddie murphy and Dan Akroyd?  Yeah it’s got the laughs.  But there’s an argument to be made that it’s just a holiday movie in general since it starts around Thanksgiving and wraps New Year’s!


    Geena Davis has amnesia, but slowly begins to remember she used to be a spy.  There’s some great action all set to Christmas music!  Family sing-a-long?


    So it’s set at Christmas time, but is also one of the greatest action movies ever made.  I’ll let you decide the argument of whether or not it’s a Christmas flick!

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