With the Super Bowl  you get two of the NFL’s best teams battling it out for the Championship title. You also get snacks, an adult beverage or three and of course some amazing commercials! This year could be a little different and I’ll explain why. But let’s also take a look at 5 of the All-Time Best Super Bowl Commercials!

Business Insiders are saying that the ads this year might not be as daring or exciting. Many businesses don’t want to risk offending anyone or face any backlash on social media. I get that to a point. But sometimes you have to take a risk. It could pay off with one of the best commercials ever and help your business grow.

It’s so exciting to have a timeout called or a break in the action come up and they cut away to a brand new commercial ready to debut. Is it going to be comical? Maybe have you tear up a little bit? Or show you a clip from an upcoming movie you’re dying to see? No matter what kind of ad it is, it’s always fun to than talk at your get-together and say whether or not you liked it or if it was a miss.

If this year we don’t get that opportunity, I’ll definitely be disappointed. The commercials rival the game when you don’t care about who’s playing. Or you could say they rival the half-time act when you don’t care who’s performing.

Let’s hope we get some really exciting ads this year from a wide array of businesses. And if we don’t, at lest there are countless classics to look back on and laugh at or get choked up by. I wonder if staying away from offending anyone isn’t the only reason not to explore a unique and exciting ad. I mean, these things are expensive as all heck to run during the game.

Either way, let’s take a look at 5 of the All-Time Best Super Bowl Commercials!

  • Coca-Cola

    Seeing Mean Joe Greene’s attitude be turned around by a bottle of Coke is epic. The child and his acting make it work too!

  • Nike - Bugs Bunny

    Before they made Space Jam, there was this ad.  It’s pretty awesome and you could see why they thought it would translate well into a film!

  • Snickers - Betty White

    Betty was the best.  This one made me LOL.  And is a great way to show the needd for the product.

  • Budweiser - Football

    The Clydesdales are amazing to watch.  And this one is not only epic, but gives  you a bit of a chuckle as well.

  • Audi - The Chase

    Jason Statham on a long, thrill packed chase is pretty awesome.  Not to mention, the style of the footage looked cool too!

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