NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 15: Bagels on display at Bagel Making with Black Seed Bagels part of Anolon Gourmet Cookware's Artisanal Cooking Series at Home Studios on October 15, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

I’ve talked about some places to get good bagels and even great places to start the day with breakfast, but how about today we cover Pork Roll? Or is it, Taylor Ham? LOL! I’m not trying to get that debate started, so why not take a look at 5 Terrific Morris County Spots for a Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese sandwich?

It’s a debate that’s been around for a while – some call it pork roll and some call it Taylor ham. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to stick to Pork Roll. Why? Because that’s how my mom introduced it to my taste buds and how I’ve referred to it ever since.

It’s delicious meat that when heated up is out of this world. As if it can’t get any better you put egg on there and melt some cheese and you’ve got a real work of art. The flavor combinations play off each other so well. Then again what doesn’t get better when you melt cheese on it? Maybe cereal? But I’d try it if asked to. Ok, I digress.

This is a comfort sandwich whether served on a roll or a bagel. It just hits the right spot on a Sunday morning as you’re lounging at home. And when it’s done with all of the freshest ingredients made-to-order. It’s hard to beat.

Some people add ketchup salty, and pepper. I used to be one of them. That is, until I decided to just let myself enjoy and focus on the flavor of the meat. Heck, it’s what makes this sandwich, so why cover it up. Although, I’m not going to knock you if you cover it in ketchup.

There are so many great spots all around Jersey that serve up a version of this fantastic “Sammy” and you can’t usually go wrong. In this post, however, let’s focus on 5 terrific Morris County spots for a Pork Roll, Egg, And Cheese, Sandwich.

  • A & B Bagels and Deli - Morris Plains

    This place has some really good bagels. But when you’re in the mood for that sandwich, you’ve got to try this one. It’s really tasty!

    Menu - Home

    Homemade Home fries, Two Eggs any style, Choice fo Breakfast Meat, Shredded Cheddar Cheese & Avocado

  • The Bagelry - Cedar Knolls

    They put a hefty amount of cream cheese on their bagels and it’s so good.  As for the sandwiches – they’re pretty massive.  And I enjoy every bite!

    The Bagelry

    No Description


  • The 53 Grill - Denville

    Right in Denville, they’ve got all sorts of tremendous food.  Not just your basic sandwiches.  But empanadas and more!  Try the Pork roll (Taylor Ham) though.  You won’t be disappointed.



  • Paulie G's - Whippany

    A great Italian deli.  They really do have some mouth-watering food.  And they made the list for their tasty Pork Roll, Egg, And Cheese.

    No Title

    No Description


  • Brooklyn Bagel and Deli - Randolph

    A wonderful Bagel shop.  They know how to do it right. Nice customer service too and a delicious pork roll sandwich.

    Brooklyn Bagel & Deli

    Brooklyn Bagel & Deli, Unique freshly prepared bakery & pastry products at all times during business operations. Catering may be available.

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