LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 13: Chris Robertson of American rock band Black Stone Cherry performs live on stage during the first day of Hard Rock Calling, at Hyde Park on July 13, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Black Stone Cherry just released their 8th studio album, “Screamin’ At The Sky.” This band has such a raw, emotional and rockin’ sound. They always bring it and live, they’re a force to be reckoned with. As for their new album from Black Stone Cherry – is it worth your money?

Well, first Black Stone Cherry is a band that undeniably rocks in the modern and southern rock scene. Hailing from Edmonton, Kentucky, this quartet has been making waves since their formation in 2001. What sets them apart and makes them so compelling are their raw, unapologetic musical prowess and their ability to seamlessly blend various genres.

Black Stone Cherry’s music is a captivating fusion of hard rock, southern blues, and a touch of metal, creating a sound that’s both heavy and soulful. Their powerful guitar riffs, thundering drums, and Chris Robertson’s gritty, soulful vocals are a recipe for rock ‘n’ roll magic. Their lyrics often explore themes of life’s struggles, resilience, and the working-class spirit, resonating with audiences across the globe.

Their live performances are a testament to their energy and passion, leaving crowds electrified and craving more. With hit songs like “Lonely Train,” “White Trash Millionaire,” and “Blame It on the Boom Boom,” Black Stone Cherry has carved a niche in the rock world.

In an era where rock music has faced challenges, Black Stone Cherry remains a beacon of authenticity and dedication, proving that rock ‘n’ roll is very much alive. They continue to rock stages worldwide and connect with fans on a visceral level, solidifying their status as a band that truly rocks.

As for their brand new album? Is it worth picking up the new Black Stone Cherry Or Should You Skip It? It’s such a fun experience all the way through. It also doesn’t really slow down… just keeps on the aural assault of bangers and rockers that pack a punch but also have that emotional spirit and soulful sound especially in lead singer Chris Robertson’s vocals. This one is definitely worth a listen. Let’s take a look at some key tracks that stand out!


    The Album opener and title track is a banger. It rocks, has some great drum fills and of course nice crunchy guitar and Chris’ perfect vocals “Let’s Start a fire, let it burn out the silence that’s killing us inside. Beautiful stuff!


    The big radio single.  This really showcases Chris Robertson’s voice, but also has that big anthemic rock feel too.  It’s epic!


    It feels like a song about staying positive and getting out of your funk.  Cool lyrics and a sing-along-able chorus.  Another uptempo one that hits you!



    Starts off like it could be the album’s ballad.  With hopeful lyrics from Robertson.  But man, what a giant chorus that moves you and makes you almost want to sway back and forth and just enjoy his soulful sound!


    With an intro riff that borders on metal, you know you’re in for one that’s gonna get you moving.  A great riff, unexpected pre-chorus and then yet another raw and powerful hook that makes you want to sing!

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