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Dorothy has gained a loyal following since the release of their 2014 self-titled EP and their 2016 debut studio album ROCKISDEAD thanks in part to gritty tunes like “Wicked Ones” and “Raise Hell.”  

However, on the sophomore effort 28 Days in the Valley, some of that grit has given way to a new sense of grandeur, and a lot of that is likely due to producer Linda Perry.

Vocalist Dorothy Martin recently spoke with WMMR’s Sara, and she explained what she learned most from working with Perry and discussed the overall vibe of working with the uber-successful songwriter:

“To follow your heart.  It was amazing working with her.  She’s also my manager, and she produced the entire album at her studio in the valley, and we recorded it in about 28 days.  We did this album so fast!  Everything was tracked live.  Everything you hear is a real instrument played live in the studio old-school style.  We did some pre-production.  The band would play and I would sing along in my vocal den.  I had this decorated goddess cave that had cactuses and lights and candles and incense.  It was just really fun.  I never once just wanted to leave the studio and get the day over with.  It was fun coming to work every day, so I’m really grateful…I have to give her all the credit [on the album title.]  She was like, ‘What do you think about ’28 Days In The Valley’?’  I’m like, ‘That sounds like a movie.  I freakin’ love it!  Let’s do it!'”

Dorothy is heading out on the road with Greta Van Fleet beginning May 1 in Houston, Texas.  A full list of tour dates can be found at

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