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Brian Johnson looked back on the very funny moment when he found out he was officially in AC/DC in a new podcast interview.

Johnson and Angus Young appeared on the Let There Be Talk podcast where Johnson touched on the phone call he received from Malcolm Young telling him he was AC/DC’s new singer.

Johnson began, “It was my dad’s birthday up in Newcastle, and I bought my dad a bottle of whisky for his birthday present. I went to my mom and dad’s [house], and there wasn’t anybody there. I went, ‘Oh, flippin’ heck!’ It was about two in the afternoon and went, ‘Oh, well. I’ll just leave [the bottle] here.'”

He continued, “Then the phone rang, because Malcolm had my mom and dad’s number, and that was the phone call. I remember saying to Mal, ‘Are you sure this is not a hoax?’ He said ‘No!’ I said, ‘Well, could you ring us back in ten minutes to make sure I’m not dreaming this?’ And he did, God bless him! He said, ‘You fancy coming to the Bahamas? We’re making a record’ and all of this. I said, ‘Oh, yes.’ He said, ‘I get people to get in touch with you. I’m off to watch the Grand National on the telly,’ which was a horse race.”

Johnson concluded, “And I put the phone down and looked [around] and go, ‘There’s nobody here.’ So I opened my father’s birthday present and had a glass of whisky to celebrate. [Laughs]”

AC/DC’s new album, Power Up, comes out November 13. It contains 12 new tracks and is available for pre-save on major digital platforms here. The album is also available for pre-order in physical formats at where fans can find the album on CD, vinyl and special light-up box set that also comes with a 20 page booklet.

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