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Music venues across the United States are once again stepping up in times of need. This time, they’re volunteering to become sites for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a joint letter to President Joe Biden, a number of organizations – including AEG, Live Nation, the Broadway League and the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) – have volunteered their associated venues to help with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The letter in part reads, “As you set about achieving the ambitious goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in 100 days, we wish to offer the full support and resources of the live event industry. We share your vision of expedient, equitable, and widespread vaccine distribution. It is our duty, as businesses rooted in communities across the nation, to do our part to set America on a positive path during this time of crisis.”

The letter also states, “Live events is one of the best prepared, best equipped, most experienced industries in America to manage and control large crowds in a rapid, organized fashion. Moving people in, out, and around a public gathering space swiftly and safely is the foundation of our industry. Additionally, our familiarity using ticketing systems for advanced notification, timed entry and crowd management can greatly improve patient experience before and during vaccination as well as on-site management. There are several
thousand companies in the live event industry which own the equipment and infrastructure required to build vaccination sites.”

The letter further details, “An estimated 95% of live events industry businesses and workers have lost nearly 100% of their revenue, and are ready and willing to get to work immediately. These organizations can design, deliver, and manage the infrastructure as well as the people needed to staff them. We have been closed for nearly one full year to protect public health. Please let us now go to work to protect public health. We share your goal to get America back to work, school and in gathering places of all kinds quickly and safely.”

This isn’t the first time live venues have stepped up to help in a crisis. Back in September, Live Nation allowed their associated venues to be utilized as polling stations during the 2020 Presidential election to provide additional voting locations in around the country to encourage social distancing and provide voters with potentially a more convenient location to vote.


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