Thundemother- Photo Credit - Mats Vassfjord

Hi Friends,

TC here and part of my role as Program Director at WDHA is to find new rockers who are talented, passionate, and inspiring.
Musicians, Front People, Solid Songs, Great Live Shows….it’s all part of the process!

Here are just a few newer, diverse artists to watch, who mainly emerged in the last five to ten years and have their sound anchored in some of the classic rock artists, blues, and funk influences that they and we love.

It thrills me to see the torch passed and carried from generation to generation. Those that casually say, “There are no good new rock bands” …..bite your tongue and open your ears! Some you may know, others you may just discover. I have been privileged to have had most of these amazing artists on Reconnect With Rockers with me, so in addition to their music videos, I’ve included some interview face time too.

Enjoy Rockers! Rock is ALIVE AND WELL!

  • Classless Act

    The guys from Classless act met on Social Media and formed their band.
    Next stop- Tommy Lee’s house to record! Then stints on the road with Dorothy (I first saw them at The Wellmont) followed by the opening slot on The Stadium Tour with Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett and The Blackhearts where they are getting rave reviews. WHY? Because they bring it every night with a new generation of party rock! Frontman Derek Day joined me on Reconnect With Rockers and he was a blast!

    WHO THEY REMIND ME OF? – Sweet, Van Halen with a hint of Buckcherry and a touch of 80’s fun.

    Reconnect With Rockers with Derek Day

  • Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown


    I absolutely LOVE these guys! Nashville based and four records under their belt, Tyler Bryant and his band have cut their teeth performing and are one of the BEST new rock bands to see live. In fact it’s a duel guitar explosion with Graham Whitford on Rhythm and if the name sounds familiar he is the son of Aerosmith Rhythm God Brad Whitford. Their new one is out!

    You MUST check them out!

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF? – Songwriting very Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (ish) – A cool ZZ Top fuzzy sound, and funky rock, blues vocals.


    Reconnect With Rockers with Tyler Bryant

  • Dirty Honey

    Formed in 2017, exlploded in 2019, Marc LaBelle, John Notto, Justin Smolian and Corey Coverstone are brining a classic sound, feel, vibe and look back to rock radio. I first met them in 2019 when they performed in the WDHA studio and in all my years at WDHA I have never seen a more effortless in studio performance. Their debut single “When  I’m Gone” made history as the first Billboard number one rock track at rock radio by and unsigned band, And they have been touring road warriors pre pandemic and since their actual debut “California Dreamin” was released in 2021. Major talent right here.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF? Humble Pie, The Black Crowes, with a bit of Guns N’ Roses thrown in.

    Reconnect With Rockers with Marc From Dirty Honey

  • Ayron Jones

    Raised on Grunge, Hip Hop and Soul, Ayron is one of the incredible talents to come out of the ultra hot “Sounds Of Seattle” and his tasty guitar grooves are solidifying the notion that fans still love guitar rock!
    Starting out as power trio “Ayron Jones and The Way”, Ayron then flew solo and is undeniably one of the brightest new rockers with his phenomenal, barn burning guitar playing, electrifying performances and soulful songwriting. His major label debut “Child Of The State” is a must have and spawned 3 top 5 singles on the Billboard rock radio charts. He just released a new track “FILTHY” as a stand alone, but we are sure a new record is coming after he wraps up a year and a half of touring, finding fans everywhere from the DHA Family Reunion to opening for The Rolling Stones, and performing at every major rock festival and solo shows.

    WHO HE REMINDS US OF? Steve Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and many of the singing guitar gods who inspire us all with the groove of Sly Stone and rawness of early Soundgarden and the Seattle revolution.

    Reconnect With Rockers with Ayron Jones

  • Joyous Wolf

    California’s Joyous Wolf have an old school sound of power and energy.
    Led by acrobatic frontman and super charismatic vocalist Nick Reese, their energetic and intense performances make them an opening slot fan favorite.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF? Bad Company, Humble Pie, and the physicality and energy of David Lee Roth

    Reconnect With Rockers with Nick From Joyous Wolf

  • Rival Sons

    The first person to ever mention Rival Sons to me? Sammy Hagar. I immediately checked out their release Pressure and Time and I was hooked! At the time they were on an Independent record label (Earache) and were starting to make some noise as a band that was “saving rock”. The band is made up of the incredible Jay Buchanan, guitarist Scott Holiday, Drummer Michael Miley and Bassist Dave Beste and joined on tour on keys by Todd Ogren. Seeing them is an experience. Rival Sons led the revolution of the resurgence of a classic sound before anyone else and they were handpicked to open the entire Black Sabbath farewell tour by Sharon Osbourne who was blown away after seeing them on British TV. They look amazing onstage too, with Jay always changing his look and Scott the Fuzzlord super dapper in his slim suits and magic mustache.
    I call their brand of rock- Sweatle- Swampy, Sexy and hard like Metal.
    Thankfully we are getting new music from this amazing band this fall, their second on Atlantic Records.
    I can’t wait!

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- ZZ Top, Sly And The Family Stone, Led Zeppelin, The Stones

  • Plush

    I first discovered the amazing ladies from Plush during the pandemic in 2020 as I heard they were releasing a record and found videos from the members on YouTube showcasing their incredible musical chops. Moriah Formica is their INCREDIBLE vocalist and primary songwriter and has one of the most powerful voices in music today. Watching Moraiah on her YouTube channel cover everything from Heart to Steelheart left me breathless and with Bella slamming on guitar and Ashley Suppa (or as I call her SUPPA STAR) killing it on bass, this band has an amazing future and is carrying the torch for mainstream, balls to the wall rock WITH a killer, all female lineup..They look amazing, sound amazing and ARE amazing. Grab their self titled debut. You won’t be sorry.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF? Heart, Skid Row, The Runaways,

    Reconnect With Rockers with Plush


  • Shaman's Harvest

    Need a bit of hard, southern flava on your playlist? Look no further than Shaman’s Harvest.
    Rootsy, Bluesy and Heavy, these guys bring it live and are the real deal.  
    The dark sound of this band out of Missouri is simply amazing and very mystical and totally unique.
    I love their frontman Nate Hunt who is a killer vocalist and writer and brings a totally different feel to todays frontman. These guys have some amazing records under their umbrella and need more recognition.
    Their 2022 release REBELATOR is killer.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- A southern dark blues sound – A kind of Sabbath meets Skynyrd vibe.


    Reconnect With Rockers with Nate From Shaman’s Harvest

  • Dorothy

    From the day I saw her live in 2014, I have said over and over- Dorothy Martin is a Mega Star. She is simply one of the most talented people in rock today and surrounds herself with great musicians, collaborators and people in her inner creative circle. THAT VOICE!
    From her debut “Rock Is Dead” which gave us a taste of what she can do to her follow up “28 Days In the Valley” which took her to a completely different place in her musical journey to her epic 2022 release
    “Gifts From the Holy Ghost” bringing her back to what inspires her most – Heavy ROCK, everyone who experiences the “Dorothy” magic becomes obsessed like I did.
    See Dorothy live and I dare you to not label “Gifts From The Holy Ghost” one of the best releases of 2022. Damn we re lucky to have her!

    WHO SHE REMINDS US OF? Ann Wilson, Robert Plant, Grace Slick and all of the EPIC vocalists that came before her. Not rock vocalists but epic rock vocalists.

    Reconnect With Rockers with Dorothy Martin

  • Goodbye June

    A band consisting of family members with a phenomenal vocalist who have been compared to AC/DC with a Steve Marriot vocal flavor holy —it! How can we go wrong?!
    I first saw Goodbye June open for Dorothy and wondered where the hell I have been and how I didn’t know about this incredible band! Named in memory of lead guitarist Tyler Baker’s brother who passed away in June- These guys are carrying the torch for blues influenced rock and killing it at every live show.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- Allman Brothers, Skynyrd and B.B. King

  • The Warning

    This POWER trio, comprised of the Villareal sisters (Dani, Ale and Pau) are one of rock music’s most mind blowing new sensations.  I adore a power trio and this band brings it live! As kids they cut their teeth on Metallica- Come on !
    Not only does The Warning bring it live, but the connection they have with their fans is very unique.
    When I see the passion of an actual “ARMY” jumping behind their favorite new rock band to help push them forward I have to take notice. I have interviewed the ladies via Zoom and in person and they are some of the most engaging people to get to know.
    Under 22 years old, female and only three band members making that beautiful noise.
    The Warning is the future of rock. Check out their latest release ERROR.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF? Rush, ELP, Moorhead and all of the KILLER power trios that have led a 3 person revolution.

    Reconnect With Rockers with The Warning


  • Greta Van Fleet

    Yes, there are Zeppelin Comparisons. Who cares? These guys can write, perform and mesmerize a crowd.
    From the moment GVF hit the airwaves of WDHA they gained an instant fanbase with their early songs Highway Tune and Safari Song. They raised the bar on their latest “The Battle At Garden’s Gate” with it’s experimental style and epic jams.
    The Kizska brothers and Danny Wagner have a fearless approach to making music and don’t care about comparisons. They want to write their own rules. You have to respect that in today’s climate.

    WHO THET REMIND US OF- Come On….We know.

    Reconnect With Rockers with Greta Van Fleet

  • Mammoth /WVH

    I have called Wolfgang Van Halen a rock and roll Prince and let me explain why.  Both Prince and Wolf are visionaries, taking control of their careers and releasing music their way. And man…they are both incredible talents.

    Yes, Wolf is Eddie’s son. Both a blessing and a curse. A blessing having such a talented, iconic father who cultivated his sons passions for playing music, mastering every instrument, vocalizing and being independent.
    A curse because there is always one guy yelling “Play Panama” , when Wolf’s fans want to hear another track from the stunning Mammoth/ WVF debut.
    Drenched in killer songwriting, unique flavors and textures stemming from Wolfgang’s personal influences, the Mammoth/WVH debut is unique in every way. Wolfgang is a mega talent. We are lucky to have the next generation of Van Halen continuing the talent legacy.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- Prince and all the visionaries who play it all and bring it live.

  • Giovannie and The Hired Guns

    Fun in music? Combined with talent and personality? That’s Giovannie and The Hired Guns.
    Refusing to be boxed in, this Texas based band of relatives and lifelong music friends recently hit number one on both the rock and alternative charts with a unique anthem to a “Norteno” performing legend “Ramon Ayala”.
    Rock guitars mixed with a country feel and a Tejano influence with a party feel, Giovannie and The Hired Guns are bringing cultural feel and fun to rock!

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- Everlast, Stevie Ray Vaughan, with a smattering of latin and some 90’s fun.

    Giovannie Yanez On Reconnect With Rockers

  • Thundermother

    Another KILLER band of female rockers to watch are THUNDERMOTHER are exactly what their name conveys!
    Out of Sweden, these ladies are on the road with The Scorpions, and have been labeled not just a band that plays rock and roll but a band this IS rock and roll! Their new release “Black and Gold” is out and their powerful approach has stylings of AC/DC and Motorhead.
    Vocalist Guerra Mancini has BIG pipes and is backed by Filippa Nassil on Guitar, Mona Lindgre on Bass and Emlee Johannsson on Drums. One listen and you’ll be hooked!

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- AC/DC, Motorhead and early Def Leppard

  • Soraia

    One of my favorite discoveries, Soraia was first mentioned to me by Steven Van Zandt who gave the band a home on his Wicked Cool record label and later brought my way by our own Scotty B.
    Led by vocal powerhouse Zou Zou Mansour, with Drummer Brianna Sig and Bassist Travis Smith at the helm the band is beloved by Joan Jett and getting ready to release their new one “Bloom” on October 28th.
    Here is what Joan has to say about the band she handpicks to tour with her – ”Soraia is an extraordinary, exciting, and ‘sure to make waves’ band who I love and admire” – Joan Jett

    Garage Rock with a modern flair. Perfection.

    WHO THEY REMIND US OF- Joan, Pat Benatar jamming in the garage baby.

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