Each year has some great music releases. In every subgenre of rock, we see album upon album come out and there are so many good ones that’s why making lists is difficult. However, I get to take requests and talk to DHA listeners so I kind of get an inside scoop as to what Jersey music fans are thinking. So, let’s take a look at 5 outstanding Metal Releases Turning 30 according to Jersey.

1994 was an odd time in music. Hair metal was kind of done by this point. Grunge had taken over and MTV was massive with Headbangers Ball and 120 Minutes. There were so many different types of music to get into. Heck, I’ll admit – I think rap from this era was some of the best! But there was metal too! There’s always metal lol! Some bands were debuting while others were giving us more reasons why they were going to have such staying power.

Some really heavy bands released albums this year. While others were more melodic with rock overtones and crossover appeal.

What’s crazy, is now these albums turn 30 this year! Some of them sound as fresh as they did the day they were released. Others haven’t aged as gracefully. But no matter what, there’s no denying that 1994 had some amazing metal releases. Whether you like it really heavy with double bass drumming and old-fashioned loud screams, or with a dose of rap rock and electronic-sounding beats, there really is a plethora of stuff to go through.

I thought we’d take a journey back in time and look at some of the best. Let’s leave out the alternative and rap and pop and focus on one thing. The one thing that matters….heavy metal music! LOL.

Here are 5 outstanding metal releases Turning 30 according to Jersey.


    Such a solid debut. Amazing drumming work and those angry vocals from Rob Flynn. It was a cool listen then and still holds up now!


    Pepper Keenan takes over vocal duties and I think he sounds great.  To me this is their best album.  It’s stoner metal, if you will!


    This debut was outstanding.  Korn had their own sound and really showed the world what it was like to be truly pissed off!


    Megadeth was riding the wave of their crossover appeal after “Countdown To Extinction”.  This album also had some terrific riffs and more mellow vocals.  A solid album from Dave and company.


    At the time it was blisteringly heavy and it still is.  Phil Anselmo’s vocals sound angsty and Vinnie and Dime’s tightness is unmatched.  It’s a masterpiece.

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