I’m a fan of metal. I have been since I was a kid. I love the fact that there are all different types and subgenres. It’s really intriguing. I was excited when we announced this year’s Rock The Park lineup, because not only does it include Halestorm and I Prevail, but also Hollywood Undead and a great band called Fit For A King! I wanted to show you 5 standout tracks from Fit For A King. This will hopefully get you even more hyped for Rock The Park!

This is a band that is filed under Metal Core. And they wear that label well. Very heavy at yet melodic. Screaming, mixed with clean vocals. The guitar riffs are blisteringly heavy and quick and there’s some very intense drumming. I love that the double bass drumming is there on certain songs front and center, but it’s never unnecessary or just there for the sake of being there.

This band also has Christian Metal as a label. They have religious overtones in many of their songs. I recently interviewed with lead singer Ryan and he said they don’t as people like to come across as pushy with their beliefs. And I feel that translates to their music too. You Can get something out of it if you want to or just listen to the pummeling riffs if you so please.

It’s hard to pick their best songs. From just 2013 to now, the band has released 6 studio albums on their label. 6!!!! That’s more than some bands release in 2 decades! LOL But each album sounds fresh and filled with heart and talented playing. It’s cool to see a band churning out great music almost non-stop!

Their most recent album came out in 2022, but a few months ago they released a new track, so I’m not quite sure what that means for fans.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at 5 standout tracks from Fit For A King.


    This was released as a single a few months back. It’s got the same Fit Or A King heaviness we know and love, but with a really melodic and beautiful chorus!


    Off their last studio album “The Hell We Create”.  This one is brutal.  Just starts off melting your face lol!  It starts heayy….and gets heavier!  Fans of metal will love this one!


    It’s cool how this uses a bit of an electronic sound in the very beginning over Ryan’s vocals.  The chorus on this one is catchy, infectious and makes you want to sing.


    A really cool guitar riff kicks this off and the band sounds so tight!  Then it goes double time and picks up the pace.  It’s quick and heavy, and makes you want to headbang.  But they don’t lose the melodic chorus.  It comes at the perfect time!


    Starting with an off electronic beat/riff.  Then the band kicks in and you can see the crowd going crazy.  It’s a bit different but works really well!

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