LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - APRIL 26: (L-R) David Gordon Green and Jason Blum speak onstage during the Universal Pictures and Focus Features presentation during CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on April 26, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It’s that spooky time of year and one of the really fun things to do is to watch scary movies. Or fun, strange, chill-filled films! If you have young kids at home let’s take a look at some overlooked spooky movies that might be perfect for getting you and the whole family in the Halloween spirit!

Watching Halloween movies with our family has become a tradition for several reasons. Firstly, it creates a sense of togetherness and bonding. Gathered on the couch with loved ones, we share laughs, screams, and popcorn, creating cherished memories that strengthen our connections.

Also, Halloween movies provide a safe outlet for our fascination with the scary and spooky. They allow us to explore our fears in a controlled environment, making us feel more in control of the anxieties that lurk in the dark. This shared experience can help children, in particular, understand and manage their fears in a supportive context.

The thematic elements of Halloween movies often revolve around values like bravery, friendship, and the triumph of good over evil. These stories offer valuable life lessons for both young and old, making them not only entertaining but also educational.

The seasonal charm of Halloween movies adds to their appeal. The fall backdrop, creatively carved pumpkins, and eerie soundtracks create a unique atmosphere that draws us in and immerses us in the holiday spirit.

Finally, nostalgia plays a significant role. Many of us grew up watching these films with our families, and revisiting them annually allows us to relive those cherished moments and pass down the tradition to new generations.

When you think about it; Watching Halloween movies with our family is more than just a spooky pastime; it’s an opportunity for connection, exploration, education, and nostalgia. It’s a tradition that continues to bring joy and meaning to our lives year after year.

So let’s take a look at some overlooked spooky movies that are perfect for the whole family!


    Scooby and the gang reunite in search of mysteries and adventure, when they chance upon a remote island inhabited by an undead pirate and his zombie crew. It’s fun, funny, and even has a cool mystery!


    This one is for all the kids who love Woody, Buzz and the crew.  It’s only 20 minutes long too! You’ll probably watch it a few times, or at least the kids will!


    A House that is a monster?  Pretty cool stuff.  Fun for the whole family.  I feel like this one from the mid 2000’s was very overlooked!


    It’s a town where Halloween decorations have come to life!  Some pretty funny moments and of course, creepy ones too! I don’t think this Netflix film got enough love.  It’s pretty fun!


    Directed by zany filmaker Tim Burton,  this black and white stop-motion flick is really well done.  It also puts a unique twist on the Frankenstein lore!


    The original 1990 version with Angelica Houston is where it’s at!  It’s about a boy who stumbles into a convention of witches while staying at a hotel. What can he do to stop them?

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