GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND - JUNE 24: Axl Rose (L) and Slash of Guns 'n' Roses perform on the Pyramid Stage on Day 4 of Glastonbury Festival 2023 on June 24, 2023 in Glastonbury, England. The Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts sees musicians, performers and artists come together for three days of live entertainment.

Yesterday Axl Rose celebrated a birthday. So, I thought to myself it would be a great time to ask a related question on my First Call Last Call Feature. Let’s take a look at New Jersey’s Favorite Guns N’ Roses Songs.

My feature runs at 5pm on weekdays. I take listeners’ responses to my question of the day and put together a block of music for the ride home. It’s a lot of fun to read through listener responses and see the feedback people have on their favorite artists.

Axl is an interesting rock vocalist. His voice is so unique, and I feel like there is something about it that gives him that “it” factor. However, along with the rest of the band, it blends so well and works perfectly on GNR recordings. He plays off Slash’s riffs and knows when to hit those higher notes or bring it down and it’s cool to hear.
I don’t think anyone else could have fronted Guns N’ Roses at the top of their game. Axl was and is a true rockstar.

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Picking fights with critics, showing up late to shows, drinking, and singing about sex and drugs. Guns N’ Roses had that classic guitar heavy and up-tempo rockin’ sound and AXL was such a huge part of it.

And think about this- For as much as a legacy as they have left on rock music, they only put out a handful of albums, which is pretty impressive. It takes some bands 12-15 albums to be as well received as the GNR boys. Here in Jersey we love them. They’re constantly requested and listeners love to answer questions about them during my First Call Last Call feature.

So, on that note, how about we take a look at some popular answers from yesterday? Here’s a look at New Jersey’s favorite Guns N’ Roses songs.


    What a great opening track on their classic debut. Starting off with that riff and picking up slowly but surely into a danceable, head bangin’ rocker!


    This is the other epic masterpiece.  No Not November Rain, but their ambitious, piano driven, melodic but still rocking 9 minute audio adventure.


    As soon as you hear that iconic whistling to kick off this ballad you know you’re in for a treat.  Such a great acoustic tune with many layers.  Emotional and heartfelt.


    Matt Sorum kills it on the opening drum groove and than that deep bass kicks in and sucker punches you.  The song works so well and seems right at home as part of the soundtrack to T2 Judgement Day!

  • Sweet Child O' Mine

    Open with iconic guitar riff….check.  Have band build up and progress into a beautiful power ballad with sing-alongable vocals from AXL?  Check.  What a masterpiece.

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