I love getting new music releases on a Friday. It’s pretty special to have some new music entering the weekend. I wanted to take a look today at the new release from Atreyu “The Beautiful Dark Of Life.” Is it worth your time and your money?

Atreyu’s always been an interesting band. They came out of the gate swinging doing a perfect job of blending screams with melodic hooks. On their album “The Curse” you see them shine, as their lyrics delve into vampires and the like.
Of course, like most bands in their genre, they’ve grown and matured and experimented along the way with different sounds. However, they always remained true to themselves which is a cool thing!
Since 2019’s Baptize, Atreyu released 3 E.P’s which were all well done. They showcased a band trying to explore their ”new” sound with Brandon Saller taking over vocals and a tightened-up and polished sound.

Now, as they release “The Beautiful Dark of Life”, you may be familiar with much of it since the songs from E.P’s are on it. But I’ll tell you this, whether or not you’re familiar with these songs yet or not doesn’t matter! His is just some good songwriting with a tip of the cap here and there to older Atreyu fans. It’s well-produced and has a clean, polished feel, without sounding to rigid. There are heavy moments for sure, but Saller’s ability to let his emotion shine through during the melodic vocals is what ties it all together.

I think this is one from Atreyu that is worth your time and money. And I think this will be in my rotation of albums for some time to come. How about we dive in a little further and take a look at some key standout tracks?


    The opening track is a banger. It showcases their great usage of screams and clean vocals. Man do they do it so well. And this is an anthem!


    Angry, brutal riff with some great lyrics.  It showcases a great balance of what heavy yet melodic is!


    I can see the live crowd now, bouncing up and down.  Great opening riff and some cool drumming.  This one moves ya!  Plus it’s got a catchy chorus.


    What do we have here?  A church organ opening the song and then it goes into a power ballad of sorts?  Awesome stuff.  Definitely different, but cool.



    Groovy.  It’s almost like P-Roach overtones are there.  Then it picks up and gets a bit punk rockish.  So fun!

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