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5 Reasons Why Ace Frehley’s Latest Album Rocks So Hard

In some way, Ace Frehley will always be tied to KISS. He made so many young kids want to pick up a guitar in hopes of forming a band and becoming a rock superstar. But Ace Frehley is so much more than KISS. He’s a great guy, a terrific guitarist, a gifted vocalist, and a fabulous songwriter. His new album "10,000 Volts" proves all of this. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Ace Frehley’s latest album rocks so hard! The Album This album was co-produced by Steve Brown of Trixter fame (actually Steve has a huge resume!) and is a fantastic guy to hang with as well. These two men are so genuine, gracious, and hard-working, you want to like the new album without even hearing it! LOL! But doing that would rob you of the overwhelming excitement of listening to it. It’s got some banging tunes and is just plain fun. Using the “f” word to describe a rock album is one of the most complimentary things I could think of. Fun – it sounds so simple. But, for the entirety of the album, you can listen and get your mind off the horrors in the world, the stress of life, and just have a good time! And that’s so refreshing. Plus, there’s no filler on this one. How often do you put on an album and have to skip around because it just gets stale throughout the album? Not on 10,000 Volts. When you listen, you can tell that each section, even each note, serves a greater purpose – to propel the song forward and give you that overwhelming feeling of wanting to sing or play along! And There's More It's a really captivating album. When we first got the single 10,000 Wolts here at WDHA I was obsessed with it. It sounded like the Ace everyone knows and loves, but also came across as fresh, modern, and super-catchy. I had a hunch that we’d get more of the same on the full-length release. And I was not disappointed. It really is an escape into awesome guitar playing, infectious songwriting and I have to say, Ace’s voice? It’s aged like a fine wine. It actually sounds better than ever! Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Ace Frehley’s latest album rocks so hard!

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