MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - JULY 14: Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs onstage during the Harley-Davidson's Homecoming Festival - Day 1 at Veterans Park on July 14, 2023 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This past Friday, Green Day released their fourteenth studio album called “Saviors.” It was a somewhat long wait between this and their previous album “Father of All MF’s”. Don’t get me wrong, not a Tool-like wait, but a 4-year wait, nonetheless. The question now? Is Green Day’s latest album worth your time and money?

Not all, but some bands sound a little tired by album 14. I mean, it’s had to sound fresh and excited and energetic after you’ve made so much music. But Green Day found a way to put out one of their best albums yet! It’s roughly 45 minutes and it’s really fun to listen. For this one, they teamed up with producer Rob Cavallo. And if you’re thinking who’s that? He just happens to be the producer who helped them with Dookie and American Idiot.

And with that, I’ll say this: I think it’s the band’s best album since American Idiot!
I know that’s a bold statement, but it has a great sound throughout. The playing is still top-notch from all three members, and most of the songs are bangin’ rockers. Which is not a bad thing at all.

Green Day has accomplished a lot in their career, especially for a pop-punk band. Normally, they kind of fly under the radar of mainstream success, but Green Day has a way of breaking all barriers. On “Saviors” the band crafts punk albums, hits up-tempo stride and even throws in acoustic ballads. It really is a fantastic recording from beginning to end. This album is like a mashup of all the things they’ve “tried” over the last 30+ years. It blends everything so well but still sounds fresh.

So, is Green Day’s latest album worth your time and money? That’s a resounding yes.

Let’s take a look at 5 moments that stand out!


    It’s got a cool riff and some piano. When the pre-chorus kicks in, it’s a full band chant! Everyone sing-along. It’s very catchy!

  • 1981

    It’s almost like one that could have fit on one of their early 90’s records.  Fast, melodic, and poppy.  Love it!


    There’s emotion here.  As Billy Joe sings “Can you feel my pain” it’s gut wrenching, but still some how an earworm!  The chorus flips this one on it’s head.


    A classic sounding pop-punk song.  A simple riff and Billy Joe’s ability to connect with you when he sings.


    Ok, so I picked a sappy one.  Billy Joe singing form a parental standpoint.  It’s the first time he wrote a song about his boys in Green Day’s career and it works so well. Bring on the tissues.

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