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2023 brought us some great music releases. We had albums from brand new artists and even new music from artists that have been doing this for 4 or 5 decades. It was a cool year for rock music fans. I thought we could take a look at 5 Albums to be excited about as the new year begins!

Now, of course, I’m going to focus on rock. But there are releases from just about every genre that music fans in general will love. It’s always exciting when one of your favorite bands or artists announces they’re putting out new material. Sometimes they give you a taste of what you can expect and tease you, so you want to pick up the new album.

Sometimes, it’s almost a surprise, when an announcement is made and you barely know what to expect as the album is just weeks away and you’re clamoring to head to your local record shop to pick up a copy!

Why Should You Care About New Music?
Putting on a new album is always fun because it’s a journey. It’s cool to hear the artist’s vision come together and take you on an audio ride through 12 or 13 tracks all weaving various textures and sounds together. Sometimes it’s a concept album that tells a story, and sometimes it’s just a bunch of tracks that stand alone and just plain rock.

What’s cool about this list of albums to look forward to is that it has artists on it that have been around for 20 years and ones from the 70s still putting out amazing tunes! It’s really fun to see the diversity from punk to heavy, to everything in between.

Oh and if you’re looking for shops you could go to so you can pick up these releases, you may want to check out the following. I’m not guaranteeing they’ll have them in stock, but it’s worth a shot!

Factory Records in Dover

Sweet Vinyl Cafe in Denville

Now let’s take a look at 5 Albums to be excited for as the new year begins!

  • ACE FREHLEY - 10,000 VOLTS

    This one comes out February 23rd. I’m really excited for it, because the title track is fresh, rockin, and just fun!!!


    Look for this one on March 8th.  After all these years, Priest is still putting out heavy, energetic, in your face metal….and I love it!


    He may not be a household name, but he should be.  The creative force behind Dinosaur Jr, this guy knows how to write melodic, catchy tunes! Album out February 2nd.


    The latest from Stapp comes out on March 15th and we all know what to expect.  Terrific vocals, introspective and deep lyrics, and some rockin tunes!


    On January 19th we get the new album by punk rock legends Green Day.  Although, they’ve kind of transcended that punk label, writing just straight up fun, thought-provoking, and hook-filled hits.  This is sure to be a good one!

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