1.The 80’s at 8 – In the 8pm hour Mon- Fri nights Scotty B rocks a block of 80’s . From New Wave to Hair Bands,  the 80’s kid in you is for sure to come out.

2. The Rockturnal Request Zone – The 9pm hour Mon- Fri nights You take control for a full hour with your request. If Scotty B has it, he will play it. The Request Zone fills up fast every night! Get your request in early through Facebook or emailing Scotty B. Facebook- search Scotty B Wdha and shoot him a message or post your request on his timeline. You can email him your request at-scottyb@wdhafm.com or you can wait for the cue to call your request in.

3. 5th Gear-In the 11pm hour  Mon- Thur nights Scotty B puts Rockturnal into 5th Gear playing Rock N Roll with no speed limits. It’s a block of high energy romping, moshing ,head banging rock. You never know what is around the curve. From The Hives to Pantera, Motorhead to Bring me the Horizon. 5th gear brings you the Rock adrenaline rush you crave.

4. Southern Frieday-In the 10pm hour every Friday night Scotty B cooks up a block of Southern Fried Rock. From The Allman Brothers to Blackstone Cherry,  you’ll have the volume all the way up and the tailgate down  feeling free as a bird.