Big D- Top 3

DHA’s Big D- Top 3- Most requested new DHA Rockers 2/10/20

This week's Big D- Top 3 is more like a top 5 as we have two ties! Our WDHA Rock The Rockfest bands are posting big listener stats based on calls, social posts and email. And everyone is starting to feel the new one from Pearl Jam as it makes the list for a second week in a row. I'm so psyched for Gigaton, what appears to be another PJ masterpiece where they make their own rules. Get your requests in every week or just give a call or drop us a line to chat.....we love that! 973-292-1055, hit us up on FB, Tweet at us @wdhafm or jhit me up mon Instagram @TCROCKDOG - Here are this week's most requested NEW DHA Rockers.... #3- Halestorm- Black Vultures tie with Alter Bridge- Godspeed #2- Pearl Jam- Dance Of The Clairvoyants tie with Rival Sons - Shooting Stars (check out the third version of PJ's video below) #1. Dirty Honey Rolling 7's

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