Things to look forward to in 2020……Announcing our NEXT WDHA Raven Room Listener Experience this week, February 12 Listener Appreciation Lunch with Charm City Devils and of course WDHA’s Rock The Rockfest! Tickets are going fast, so don’t forget to get yours- 5 bands- It’s going to be a killer night.

So one of our RTRF bands is just killing it with requests. Everyone is getting “Dirty” with Dirty Honey. They released a really cool Aerosmith cover this week and Rolling 7′s in #1 for the second week in a row… is how we shook out this week!

#3- Crobot- Lowlife (a band with a sense of humor…hence the picture!) 

#2- Rival Sons- Shooting Stars

#1. Dirty Honey- Rolling 7’s

Make your requests (of just ring me up) at 973-292-1055, email TC@WDHAFM.COM, follow me on Twitter- @terriecarrrnr and Instagram @tcrockdog

Rock On!

Terrie Carr