Soooooo we tell Pop Evil “We usually do 4 songs at our Listener Experiences”… and what do they do? TWO HOURS PLUS! Seriously, a huge thanks to Leigh, Hayley and Nick for a once and a lifetime afternoon. Pop Evil put the Big Game to shame! The DHA winners are still BUZZING!

I don’t know if the PE buzz put them in the Big D with their latest tune this week, but it is in and making noise! In fact this is our first Big D Top 3 without Greta Van Fleet in over a year! Holy —t!

Here are the top three most requested NEW DHA rockers of the week…

#3- Glorious Sons (S.O.S) 

#2- Rival Sons- Do Your Worst

#1- Pop Evil- Be Legendary 

Keep the requests coming- 973-292-1055, email me,, hit up the DHA FB page and on Twitter- @wdhafm or @terriecarrrnr

Love you all, thanks for being a part of our rock and roll family!