Rock Friends,

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a new band, that didn’t even have a full on record deal connect with fans and take our most requested slot multiple weeks in a row! Enter DIRTY HONEY out of California who are (again) out most requested with their sensational single “When I’m Gone”!

This week we have a band that surpassed their 90’s image, a new breed of metal gods and of course our newbies out of Los Angeles. Btw….Bush has a new record coming this fall called “The Mind Plays Tricks On You”- Dirty Honey is on tour with AlterBridge and hits NYC on 9/24 and Volbeat has a new release coming in August (Rewind, Replay, Rebound) and will be at PNC on 8/30 with Slipknot.

All hail Rock and Roll!

Here are the Top 3 most requested NEW DHA rockers of the week –

#3- Bush- Bullet Holes

#2- Volbeat- Last Day Under The Sun

#1- Dirty Honey- When I’m Gone

Call- 973-292-1055 to get your requests in, email me or hit us up on FB and Twitter. (oh and you can always include a picture of your dog!)

Rock On!