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3 Reasons Mets Fans Shouldn’t Panic – Yet

For all the issues the Mets have had lately, there are 3 reasons why fans shouldn't panic yet ahead of the London Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. It's simple. Even though they have absolutely no shot at winning the National League Eastern Division, they have put together a nice 3-game winning streak against the Nationals. And, they were only three games in the loss column away from overtaking a bad San Diego Padres team out of a Wild Card spot. https://youtu.be/e88bK60oPz0 3 Reasons Mets Fans Shouldn't Panic 1 - As noted, a Wild Card spot is still within reach. I don't care that they have to climb over 7 teams to get there, because none of those teams are playing .500 baseball. Of course, neither are the Mets, but hope springs eternal. 2 - Key offensive players. Francisco Lindor is heating up. Finally. He's had at least one hit in 14 of his last 15 games, raising his average to 32 points in the process. So is Brandon Nimmo with 8 hits in his last 7 games, 13 in his last 15, and 26 in his last 30. I've been on the JD Martinez bandwagon all year and he's been exactly as advertised - a top-shelf Major League Hitter. He has 32 hits and 14 runs batted in over his last 30 games. 3 - Pete Alonso I'm hardly his biggest fan (he strikes out WAY too much and his defense will never make anyone forget about Keith Hernandez. That said, Alonso has only made 2 errors in 466 chances and has 30 hits including 6 home runs in his last 30 games. If he wants the big contract at the end of this year, now would be the time to put up the numbers. The Biggest Reason To Panic That bullpen scares the living daylights out of me. And probably you too. MORE EPISODES OF WDHA'S TWO-MINUTE DRILL WITH JIM MONAGHAN AND CHRIS SWENDEMAN

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