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Jerry Gaskill (drums), Doug Pinnick and Ty Tabor of King’s X (support act) (Photo by Rowen Lawrence/WireImage)

It was a Double Play Wednesday 80’s at 8 tonight. I rocked a double shot of  Kings X. Kings X is a three-piece rock band known for their unique blend of heavy metal, funk, and progressive rock. Their music is characterized by intricate harmonies, complex rhythms, and thoughtful lyrics that often touch on spiritual and philosophical themes. One of their most popular songs is “Out of the Silent Planet,” which was the title track of their 1988 album. Out Of The Silent Planet was the first track in the Kings X double play The song’s title is a reference to a science fiction novel by C.S. Lewis, which tells the story of a man who travels to Mars and discovers a world inhabited by intelligent beings. The novel is notable for its exploration of religious and philosophical themes, and Kings X’s song captures some of the same sense of  those theme’s. ‘Out Of  The Silent Planet ” has an Alice In Chains Vibe to it. Ty Tabor lays down a series of complicated and melodic riffs, while drummer Jerry Gaskill’s rhythms are both powerful and nuanced. Pinnick’s bass playing is a driving force behind the song, providing both a solid foundation and a melodic counterpoint to the guitar riffs that gives it that Alice In Chains Vibe. “Out of the Silent Planet” remains one of Kings X’s most beloved songs, and it continues to inspire and excite listeners more than thirty years  after its release. Whether you’re a fan of heavy metal, progressive rock, or  great music, “Out of the Silent Planet” is a song that is well worth checking out. There was no music video made for ‘Out Of The Silent Planet but you can watch Kings X performing it live back in the day below:


Doug Pinnick of King’s X (support act) (Photo by Rowen Lawrence/WireImage)

The second track in the Kings X double play was Over My Head.”Over My Head” was the first single released from “Gretchen Goes to Nebraska,” and it quickly became one of the band’s most popular songs. Written by bassist and lead vocalist Doug Pinnick, the song’s introspective lyrics and soulful melody captured the essence of King’s X’s sound and style. At its core, “Over My Head” is a song about feeling lost and overwhelmed. Pinnick’s lyrics reflect the struggles of navigating a complex world, searching for answers and meaning, and feeling like you’re in over your head. Lines like “Lost in a world I don’t understand” and “Trying to find my place in the scheme of things” resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or uncertain. Over My Head” went on to become one of King’s X’s most popular and enduring songs. It was featured in the soundtrack of the 1992 film “Trespass,” and it has been covered by various artists over the years. The song’s timeless message of hope and resilience has resonated with fans for decades, making it a classic that continues to inspire and connect with listeners to this day.”Over My Head” is a masterpiece of King’s X’s signature sound. Ty Tabor’s complex guitar work, Jerry Gaskill’s precise drumming, and Pinnick’s soulful bass lines come together to create a funky rocker  that perfectly complements the emotional depth of the lyrics. The song’s soaring chorus, with its uplifting melody and passionate vocals, is one of the band’s most memorable and iconic moments. You can watch the music video for Over My Head by kings X below:


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