BOY DO I LOVE SNUGGLES!!! Terrie Carr here and Snuggles is such an epic dog.

This 5-6 year old Terrier mix is one of  the happiest dogs I have ever met- His magic tail never stops wagging!

Snuggles was left behind when his owners were moving and didn’t take him (WHAT??!) But that didn’t get him down.

Snuggles loves everyone he meets, is gentle, calm, loves attention, belly rubs, pets and bonds very quickly with new people.

HE IS SO FRIENDLY! This guy is a gem that also loves his toys and car rides.

If you would like more info on Snuggles please reach out to the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter and our good friend Sunny who would be happy to set up a meet and greet, foster to adopt or adoption for this deserving boy who stole our hearts at WDHA.

Click the link for contact info for the shelter-

Randolph Regional Animal Shelter

We have so many awesome dogs in our local shelters. Let’s give them a chance.

Terrie Carr reminding you to OPT TO ADOPT!