TC here and for this week’s DHA Coffee break theme I decided to feature bands/artists that have my favorite BEARDS! Beards in rock are a big thing these days and here are five of my fave, furry faced, friends!

#7- BRANDON YEAGLEY – CROBOT– Beardo Brandon has some serious “coiffing” and a side beard sculpt that won’t quit! Which earns his a respectable 7th place!

#6- MATTY JAMES- BLACKTOP MOJO- Matty has a powerful voice and a some serious Santa action to match!

#5- TODD OGREN- RIVAL SONS– I met Todd and his magic fuzz at The Raven Room where was a touring keyboardist for RS! Growing by the minute his brush is a force to be reckoned with! (As is his band!)

#4- ROB ZOMBIE- ZOMBIE KING– Come On! It’s Zombie! Of course he’s in the top 5!

#3- RON ‘BUMBLEFOOT” THAL– Bearded Bumblefoot has whiskers that are truly epic. Perfectly shaped and decorated, The “Bumble Beard” is as signature as Ron’s brilliant playing!

#2- FATHER ZAKK WYLDE- If I love a beard- I touch it. Zakk’s is epic. I worried during a “Reconnect With Rockers” Zoom that Zakk would check in and the whiskers may have been trimmed in lockdown and THANK GOD they were not. Zakk was soooooo close to the top slot….

#1- There can only be one and that one is BILLY GIBBONS- ZZ Top/SOLO– Beard? Billy….Billy…Beard! Legendary, Magic, Imperial, Amazing. Hands down my favorite beard , rock’s greatest beard  from one of rock’s greatest players. I touched it and was changed forever!

LONG LIVE BEARDOS! Long may you and your whiskers run!