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We always like to check in with you on Monday morning to see how your weekend went.

In case you were overserved and are feeling a little less than your best, fear not because right now there’s someone in worse shape than you.

In this particular case, we are talking about someone who is feeling WAY worse than you were when you woke up this morning (or at least we certainly hope that to be the case after you hear this one).

Cops in Spokane WA received a 911 call from a driver who wanted to report someone who was following them in pursuit and doing so at a very high speed.

Some context here – the woman who made the call was driving a truck rather erratically, which was what caught the attention of the cops.

So when they tried to stop her, she sped up. When she sped up even more, so did they.

The woman claimed in the 911 call that the police who were chasing her were doing so in violation of her civil rights.

What she conveniently left out was the fact that she was totally wrecked at the time, which the cops figured out when they finally stopped her.