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It’s not unusual for Florida Man to find himself behind bars.

For that matter, it’s not unusual for Florida Woman to find herself behind bars, either.

But in this case, Florida Woman was literally just doing her job when she found herself accidentally locked inside a holding cell in the Orange County Courthouse over the weekend with no way to get out, and no way to contact anyone for help.

Deputies said they found the woman early Monday morning after seeing her cleaning cart outside the cell. According to their report, the woman was cleaning the holding area on the 23rd floor of the courthouse late Friday night when she was locked inside.

Imagine that feeling when she realized she couldn’t get out of the cell!

She was not taken to the hospital, but hadn’t eaten in days and did not have her insulin. She was apparently able to get water from a small faucet inside the cell.

Deputies said she left her cell phone on her cart, and no one could hear her knocking. The building is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, though records show there should have been security in the building during that time.

Afterwards, Florida Woman was given food to help with her blood sugar levels and as she declined medical transport to the hospital, was taken home by officers.