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DATELINE – Clearwater FL

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never faked a pee test.

That said, if you are going to attempt such a thing, we’re pretty sure that the first thing you would want to have is clean urine. Something obviously needs to be tested – there’s some actual chemistry involved, Mr. White. It’s not as if someone just holds the jar up and does a casual eye-test.

Enter Florida Woman Shannon Hunter who has been charged with urine testing fraud. She was due to provide a drug test last week, but she must have known that she wouldn’t pass, because she did NOT pee in the cup.

Instead, she filled a pill bottle with “soda and tap water” and hid it. Then, during the test, she secretly used that. We don’t know what kind of soda it was, but we’re assuming it was probably Mountain Dew or maybe ginger ale, in an attempt to at least TRY to get the color to match.

It sounds like the probation officials caught Shannon faking the test in the moment. But either way, she wasn’t going to get away with it since a mix of soda and water would surely result in a failed test.

Shannon pleaded no contest, and will have to serve up to 20 days in jail, pay fines, and she could have her probation revoked.

Her rap sheet includes convictions for theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, domestic battery, narcotics possession, and driving without a license.