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Police in Orlando received a rather odd call last week about a man who was said to be walking in traffic and trying to talk to motorists who were driving by.

Sounds odd enough, not to say more than just a little dangerous.

When the cops got to the scene, there was Florida Man Richard Quick in the middle of the road. After placing him under arrest, police proceeded to do a search that resulted in discovery of a couple of knives, and a crack pipe.

For some reason – and it’s not included in the report filed by the police – cops failed to ask Quick the most obvious question which was, “Um…sir…why are you covered in pink paint?”

Quick was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, carrying a concealed weapon, and resisting arrest. Just add that to his rap sheet which includes prior convictions for trespassing, batter, theft, and disorderly conduct.

The mug shot (which you can see here) is a classic!