Let me start by saying I don’t hit the movies that often. Concerts of course…movies…not really. Just the occasional horror flick and wait for anything I want to see to hit my “on demand” channels.

Being a Queen-A-Holic and Freddie fiend, (I saw them live once and only once as a teen during the “Hot Space” tour) the trailers that were teasing us for the past few months were just too tempting. I knew I was going on opening night. I got a hold of some early reviews, that weren’t kind, but screw it…I was going anyway.

THANK GOD I DID! Bohemian Rhapsody wowed me! How anyone who loves Queen did not love it is beyond me- What were these “critics” watching? Not the same movie I was…Why was I wowed? Dimple- I felt it- I felt the music. I felt the band. I felt the times- And for a short time, I thought the actors were the band. The story unfolds and you are hooked, transported to a time that pre- dates the music we adore and you become part of the creation of some of the greatest rock tunes ever constructed.  It is mesmerizing. And then there is Freddie. Emmy award winning actor Rami Malek was born to play him. After three other choices that didn’t work out, there is no one else that could have done justice to the amazing talent, showmanship and charisma that the greatest frontman in music showed us. An Academy Award winning performance. The supporting cast was spot on and the concert scenes had people in the theater cheering, stomping and singing. It was very emotional. Yes, there were a few chronological inconsistencies, which I think were included to help tie the story together a bit tighter as this is not a film about Freddie Mercury’s life story, but rather a story of a bands roots, rise and redemption, with the film ending at their historic Live Aid performance. There is no exploitation, no dirt, no petty innuendo, but rather moments of beauty, compassion, genius and the unique, incredible life changing experience that is Queen.  The importance of a younger generation seeing the sheer brilliance of this band and their power is worth the price of admission alone. The history of true artists must be chronicled and I was grateful to see many younger folks in the theater as mesmerized as I was.

I laughed, cried, sang and cheered- I don’t remember doing all of those things together at the theater…..ever before- the concert scenes are BRILLIANT!

Bohemian Rhapsody- See It…take your mom and dad, your kids, your friends…..I’d go again…..remembering this iconic band and joining them on their journey. Queen were truly one of the greatest bands of all time- if not THE greatest. And Freddie….there are no words…thank you Rami….for bringing us back- if even for just two hours.