A Virtuoso, Genius, Innovator, Guitarist, Composer, Producer…..(I could go on) AND fantastic guy, Steve Vai  graciouslytoo time from his busy schedule to Zoom hang with me on “Reconnect” and it was AWESOME!

Steve’s teenage years were spent with Zappa, then Roth, Whitesnake,  Alcatrazz and of course his dynamic solo career,

2022 brings us a new Vai masterpiece “Inviolate” coming on January 28th and a full tour which now will begin this fall so check his website for dates near you. https://www.vai.com/ontheroad/

In this Reconnect webisode, Steve discusses constructing the new album, hitting the road again, the public “rediscovery of the guitar and how the movie Crossroads came into his orbit where he played the  mesmerizing “Jack Butler” inspiring a generation.

The new record is simply amazing….. TC