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We’re getting dumber.

And that’s not just a random opinion – that’s based upon studies at Northwestern and the University of Oregon which concluded that the collective American I.Q. is dropping.

We’re not talking about one specific age group, either. This is an across-the-board, all-hands-on-deck trend that should be of concern.

Part of the problem is said to be from smartphones. After all, if you need an answer to something, all you have to do is ask Siri.

Then there’s the new ChatGPT which people are using to write all sorts of things.

But let’s not leave out what we believe to be a MAJOR factor in the dumbing down of America – social media. The amount of misinformation and blatant lies that are posted by people who should know better and then reshared by the rest of us is staggering?

Don’t believe us? One listen to today’s episode of Facebook Theater should be all the proof you need.