Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

Fun with Fuel! Yup I sure had some……Carl Bell is a founding member, prime songwriter in the band and their guitarist and John Corsale is their new vocalist, hailing from Sussex County New Jersey btw and I was really happy to talk about the tunes that this underrated band brought us through the years and what it’s like to “Re-Band” and still be true to the bands legacy while injecting a fresh energy!

Their new record “Anomaly”  is out in two weeks, their new tune “Hard”  is Fuel perfection and Carl discusses making peace with the past and embracing the future. How did they find the perfect fit in John? The guys let us know.

Can’t wait for the full release- I know it’s going to be grand and really excited to see Fuel when they hit the road with “Jersey John”!

We WILL continue to bring you the ROCK! TC