Hackensack, New Jersey

WDHA is technically located in Hanover Township so when we heard about this story we had to stop…pause….and thank our beloved Hanover Township members of the East Hanover Police and Fire Department Emergency Services Unit/Swift Water Rescue Team for stepping in on Wednesday 9/1 during the epic flooding storms of Ida to save the day.

East Hobart Gap Road in Livingston was where the call for rescue came from after a car was swept away by flood waters. Within minutes the Livingston Police Officers were also swept into the racing waters and thankfully aided by the East Hanover Police Department Swift Water Rescue Team who responded rescuing the trapped motorists as well as the three Livingston police officers and the assistant fire chief. Our officials have all stated this storm and the flood waters were like nothing they have ever seen before.

Thank you to the East Hanover Swift Water Team for their amazing work and being there when we needed them! Heroes….OUR Heroes. This is what community means. We are grateful in Morris County For Sure!