Our amazing friend Nate Hunt from Shaman’s Harvest  Zooms in to kick of the 2022 season on Reconnect With Rockers and I was SOOOOOO happy to see him and grab some time! Nate is a fabulous talent and SH is such  an underrated band and as we discussed their forthcoming 7th release “REBELATOR” the bands vibe, mystery and uniqueness was a big topic. Nate runs a few tunes down and gives us the inspiration behind them and also talks about making this record during “odd times”.

Nate is also a new dad! So Fatherhood was on the mind as was the WDHA Rock N’ Ruff connection and the bands participation in Rock N’ Ruff events to help us help our shelters! BUT I think my fave part might have been the video “bomb” from Nate’s two pups! Check out their incredible new video and tune below too- INSANELY GOOD!

Killer band, awesome guy……GREAT way to kick off our new season! Stay Safe Rockers! TC