Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

What a thrill to have two of the architects of American Rock check into “Reconnect”!

Waddy Wachtel and Danny Kortchmar have written, played on and produced some of rock’s most iconic tunes and help influence careers of such legends as  Linda Rondstadt, Jackson Browne, Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, Warren Zevon and many more. Their resume is longer thank any if rock music that I can think of!

In this “Reconnect” webisode I ask them about their work with such notable ladies as Carole King and Stevie Nicks and working with mega talents Don Henley and Warren Zevon and of course their awesome band The Immediate Family and their second EP and new tune “Can’t Stop Progress” . Legends and part of the song book of my life…..What an honor.

We will continue to bring YOU the Rock! TC